Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Below is a collection of cosmetic breast surgery images from one of the UK’s leading surgeons, Guy Sterne. All before and after images are genuine and you can visit Guy’s website for more information. Common surgeries are carried out in one of three hospitals in and around the city of Birmingham, including:

West Midlands Private Hospital
Colman Hill, Halesowen, Birmingham, B62 2AH

South Bank Hospital
139 Bath Rd, Worcester WR5 3YB

Lion Dental
2 Lowndes Road, Stourbridge, DY8 3SS

Guy performs a wide variety of surgical procedures including:

  • Breast augmentation and enlargement
  • Breast reduction
  • Face surgery
  • Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • Tummy tucks
  • Reconstruction and more…

Blephs surgery Guy Sterne Blephs before after Blephs before and after female Blephs before and after female Blephs after and before Guy Sterne before and after facelift female before and after face facelift before and after Guy Sterne before and after facelift Guy Sterne mastoplexy before and after mastoplexy before and after Guy Sterne


Some of the Best Office Rental Space Images

The days of travelling from one building to another in an effort to find the perfect studio space or desk space are long gone. Instead, most potential renters turn to the internet to start their search and significantly narrow down the number of properties they have to go see in person. This is why it is so important to make certain you use high quality images when trying to rent office or desk space to workers.

quality image of office space

When you choose not to display any images or only post poor quality photos that lack good lighting, renters are more likely to look over your listing or simply decide it is not the right space for them without taking the time to actually view it in person, leaving it un-rented for a longer period of time.It almost goes without saying that the longer the space goes un-rented, the more money you are losing out on making. One good example is this desk space Bristol company who are professionals when using images for their website and branding.

To help you get the best possible photos to showcase your office space or desk space to anyone looking to rent this type of space, here are a few tips to help you get started.

freelacing office image

•Show off the space using the best lighting available to you, whether this is natural lighting or using lighting equipment.People want office and desk space that provides ample lighting for their work. If you are using images that make the space look dingy and drab, renters are not going to have any desire to see the space in person.

•Stay away from fish eye lens and use a wide angle lens instead. This is especially important if you are photographing an area where you have too little room to back up and get the entire space in the photo. If you only photograph half of the space, it will look even smaller than it actually. Some potential renters may decide that there is not near enough room for their work.

artists studio spaces
•Focus on technology. If your renters are going to have access to the latest copy machines, fax machines, or any other office equipment, make certain to include photos of these items as well. For many prospective tenants, this may be a huge selling feature.

•Do not forget to highlight the office’s furnishings. If you are including some furniture, such as a desk, bookcase, or chair, with the space, make sure you take the opportunity to show it off, as long as they are top quality items.

•Consider using editing software, such as SLR Lounge Light room Preset System, if you are unable to get just the right lighting for the perfect shot. Most software programs come with presets that make it very easy to enhance your photo.

If your office or desk space has been sitting empty for an extended period of time, it is time to take a good look at the images you are using in your listing. They just may be the reason potential renters are avoiding your office or desk space.


87% Of your customers want to see images before they buy.

When you are a boating operator posting photos of your boats online in an effort to increase your fishing trip or marine tour bookings or you are simply trying to sell your boat, it is crucial that you only use the highest quality photos. In today’s world, your images have the potential to determine whether your business is a huge success or a failure. To help you better understand why images really are everything, take a look at the information below.


marine services image
Did you know that almost40 per cent of activity and tour bookings are made online, often before a traveller has even left on holiday? When choosing what activities and tours to take part in, potential customers do two important things. They look at photos and they read reviews. When they see photos that include vibrant colours, breathtaking sights, and well-maintained boats, it sparks their desire to book a tour. They can see themselves sitting atop a yacht watching dolphins playing in the distance. On the other hand, if they see a bland, generic photo that is lackluster in quality, they will simply move on. In many cases, they will not even bother to look at the reviews.


In addition to wanting outstanding photos that incite excitement and a strong desire to be out on boat, your target audience wants to be able to see these images sooner rather than later. In fact,39 per cent of people will stop engaging with a website if the images won’t load or simply take too long to load. Simply put, prospective customers want to see great photos that make them want to see your boat in person and they don’t want to have to wait on a photo to load.


It should come as little surprise that69 per cent of travellers start their online travel search using a mobile device. This may include looking for accommodations, choosing what attractions they absolutely must see, choosing what restaurants to eat at, and determining any special trips, such as a boat tour or fishing trip, they should be sure and go on.


For boating operators, this means that those outstanding photos that show just how great your boat is and how thrilling your tours are must look just as good on a mobile device as they do on a PC or laptop. If they do not, potential customers will, once again, move on to one of your competitors who can give them the images they are looking for.

This has never been more true in the boating industry for services that include marine surveyors, yacht management and MCA coding specialists. Quality website imagery has been proven to help these types of services to sell directly through webpages, social media and other online publications.

For today’s consumers, appearance is everything. Regardless of how many glowing reviews your company may have online, they need the photos to visualise themselves on board. It is time to take a good look at the boating photos you have featured on your website. Do they showcase your boats in the best light or do they leave something to be desired? If you do not have the best possible photos posted, it is time to take some new ones.


73% Of Websites Don’t Optimise Their Images Correctly? Surely Not!

What role does imagery play in your SEO plan? Chances are good that your SEO plan is centered around your website’s written content, so you may be shocked to find that SEO is just as important for images and videos. In fact, images with a keyword rich filename can help make certain your site returns near the top of the list when a search is performed, which in turn will boost your traffic and conversion rates.

how to optimise images for your websites seo

A Quick Look at Why Your Website Needs Images
In today’s busy world, many people are not interested in reading through text, especially when a high-quality image can tell them most of what they want to know. In addition, 90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, which simply means that any pertinent information you are trying to communicate to customers is best communicated through an image. Finally, research has found that content accompanied by interesting and relevant images average 94 per cent more views than content that is either free of images or includes low-quality, unrelated images. You only have to use a search like SEO expert London to see the top performing websites with high quality imagery that is properly optimised. These high end sites don’t appear on high up by accident. Each image across each website has undergone best practice and assists Google in better understanding the purpose and content of an image.

How Images Impact SEO
It is common knowledge that Google and other search engines want to offer users the most relevant and best search results, which often includes images. As a result, your overall goal is to ensure that Google knows what is on your image without ever having to look at it. This makes it easy for Google to identify images that are particularly beneficial for user queries. Essentially, by taking the time to effectively optimise your images, you will improve your search engine rankings.

Optimising Your Images
Here are several tips that will help your optimise your images.

Choose a keyword rich file name. While it can be tempting to use the default file name your camera has given an image, it’s never a good idea. When search searches are crawling through text on a webpage, they are also looking for keywords that are hidden in your image file names. Always opt for file names that are highly descriptive and optimised for the best return rankings.

Optimise your Alt Tags. Alt tags are text alternatives to an image when a browser is unable to properly deliver the image. In addition, alt tags can increase your website’s SEO value. Make certain that every product image includes an alt tag that describes your image in plain terms, but is not stuffed with keywords. If you feature a product that has a serial or model number, include it in your alt tag.

Don’t forget about your extra product shots. For example, if you are selling a 2015 Mini Cooper, be sure to optimise each page with specific details, such as “2015 Mini Cooper black rear view” or “2015 Mini Cooper black grey leather trim interior”.

Pay attention to your image size. On average, customers will wait for about 3 seconds for an image to load on their desktop or laptop. For mobile devices, they’ll wait around 5 seconds. You also have to remember that Google factors in page load time in their ranking algorithm. If your image takes too long to load, decrease its size. However, be sure the image remains clear and doesn’t cut out important features.

Optimising images to improve your Google search ranking is crucial for your success. Fortunately, it is something that can easily be accomplished.


Unique Imagery is Best for Quality Web Designs

If a picture is worth a thousand words in the real world, it is worth a million words when it comes to the digital world and web design. Not only will the addition of high quality images to your website design keep your site from being perceived as dull and boring, but images also evoke emotions and increase customer engagement.

Here are just a few statistics from Steamfeed that demonstrate just how important images are for the overall success of a website.

Articles that include images get 94 per cent more total views than articles that lack images or contain images that are difficult to make out. 67 per cent of customers report that the quality of an image displaying a product plays a crucial factor in their decision whether or not to follow through with a purchase. Simply put, if your images aren’t high quality, customers also question whether or not this will be a problem with your products and services.

More than half of potential customers admit they are more likely to contact a business which displays an image when their content shows up in search engine results. It’s noteworthy that amusing pictures and sites that don’t take their themselves all too seriously also adorn today’s online communities. Brands that are hard hitting but playful seem to win the day. Having been an advocate of well groomed site designs I have found none more so appealing than that of Web Design Bristol. Their name suggests a somewhat serious but artistic design and their flagship site doesn’t disappoint. They convey their message with conviction and lightheartedness. Many a website could learn a thing or two. Here is the first thing you see when landing on their homepage:

artistic image on the homepaeg of symphononline Bristol web designer agency

They compliment a brand image with humour, while meeting the expectations of their audience.

Why Are Images Such an Important Component of Website Design?
According to researchers, 65 per cent of the world’s population consist of visual learners. For these individuals, learning and understanding information is easiest when they can see things written out. For example, they often benefit from the use of charts and diagrams when trying to understand certain concepts and ideas. For visitors to your website, images help guide their line of sight, make it easier to understand certain information, and often draw them in and keep them engaged in your content.

Not Just Any Image Will Do
Don’t think that you can add any image into your website design and reap the benefits. There are two things you have to keep in mind when incorporating images onto your website.

Images must be related to your content.
Images must be high quality.

Choosing the Best Images
Opt for images that are engaging, tasteful, and support the message you are trying to send, while also making certain they are appropriately sized for your page and are free of pixilation. It is most beneficial to put your best and largest images above the fold. This is the first thing a visitor sees, so you want to give them a reason to scroll down or click around and look at everything your site has to offer. Also, it is a good idea to use real pictures, instead of stock images, which can cause visitors to question your credibility and trustworthiness.

Your images may include photos, graphs, charts, infographics, and more. It is entirely up to you and your website designer to determine which type of image would most effectively convey your message and attract customers.

At Bespoke Web Designs, we provide a wide variety of website design services, including the addition of images to your existing website design. Whether you need a website completely built or simply want to see the one you currently have be redesigned, we can take care of all of your needs.


Some Basic Skills Required for Photography

People of any ages from young adults to seniors, enjoy photography. It’s a very optimal outlet that could be utilized extensively to unleash or share your creativity. Photography is an area that is for life altering due to the countless possibilities for the digital photographers which wish to function separately otherwise job as a staff professional photographer for any sort of noticeable company.

Basic Skills Required for Photography

Whether there is concentrating on weddings, photojournalism, portraits, sports or nature, no matter as photographers exist practically everywhere. There are a couple of vital abilities that are essentially needed to be a successful photographer. These abilities are as follows.

Training and equipment abilities

Basic Skills Required for Photography

One of the most important abilities that is essentially required by any type of photographer is to take an incredible or a gorgeous photo. These abilities include recognizing everything regarding the digital camera, developing an eye for picking the right and proper angle as well as additionally comprehending the lighting. You can participate in workshops or any type of occupation training programs in order to understand as well as obtain this ability totally.

Modifying skills

Digital photography has entirely opened an entirely new globe of creative probabilities for the professional photographers. As a professional photographer you need to obtain great skills for editing by practicing a great deal utilizing any kind of software application relevant to picture editing.

Advertising and marketing skills

Advertising and marketing has a lot to do in digital photography. As a professional digital photographer, you have to get great advertising and marketing and social skills in order to raise your client base which then will enable you to increase your earnings. For this particular function, you must begin networking on different social web sites, neighborhood features and business functions with some studio lights. People will familiarize you as well as you can after that market on your own to your optimum possibility. When you have the ability to develop your own digital photography web site, you will have the ability to promote your photos worldwide and countless people will certainly come to recognize about you.

People abilities


  • Unless you are a special forensic or nature digital photographer, there are possibilities that you will just be photographing people.
  • Therefore you should have the ability to relate everything to your customer and afterwards supply instructions of important.
  • You have to likewise have great listening skills in order to understand every little thing that your customer wants from you.
  • Thus you must have good interpersonal abilities or individuals skills so that your customers obtain a liking to you and agree to deal with you.
  • There will certainly additionally be a great word of mouth spreading out about you.

Tips For Buying Studio Lights

Tips for buying stdio lights

Regardless of the kind of video camera with lenses, an excellent shot can be obtained only with the best kind of illumination. Most of the expert photographers spend a considerable amount of money on studio lights. There are different kinds of equipment which can be picked by both specialist as well as amateur professional photographers.

Tips for buying stdio lights

These tools which are used throughout the procedure of digital photography can be gauged in 2 ways mainly the top quality and the intensity. The top quality of light describes the texture or the shadow created by it. The strength of light figures out the method the topics are lit throughout photography.

Fill Lighting:

These tools help with in brightening the dark shadows developed by the other such gadgets. It is typically put close to the camera with it points straight into the front of the subject.

Key Lights:

It is among the most considerable tools used in workshops. It points downwards at the topic from a 90 degree angle.

Tips for buying stdio lights

Back Lights:

These illumination tools direct from the rear of the tools and also present the summary of the topic. It is likewise among the most important devices made use of during the process of specialist photography skills.

Cool Lights:

It is one of the most comfy sorts of tools utilized. As it consists of fluorescent bulbs, it has the tendency to continue to be awesome. It offers the exact same shade as the daytime with it can be utilized in mix with the flash. These gadgets can be adjusted according to individual needs.

Warm Lights:

It is another illuminating gadget which is utilized in the field of photography.

Flash is another kind of gadget which is utilized generally in digital photography. There are different kinds of flash devices which are made available fairly effortlessly these days.

Some Useful Buying Tips:

Overall Amount Of Power Required: Prior to purchasing workshop lights, it is very important to determine the total quantity of power required. The power of these illuminators relies on various factors such as the size of the video camera, topic of the picture with the total size of the workshop room. You can also refer some email lists.

One more essential factor to think about is the size of the camera prior to choosing these devices. It is likewise essential to think about the dimension of the room prior to opting to purchase this equipment. Little rooms require much less illumination whereas huge spaces need even more.

Tips for buying stdio lights

Today there are different options while selecting lighting tools that include various sorts of devices. A portion of one of the most commonly made use of accessories consist of diffusers, gels, backgrounds etc.

There are several reputed online websites which showcase a huge range of lighting options with various functions and rates. It is important to carry out an extensive on-line research prior to choosing to buy any kind of item. It is additionally required to review the directions as well as specs of products before getting the item.

Tips for buying Studio lights

A lot of the item websites consist of specs, rates and other information which can be chosen accordingly. It is likewise feasible to contrast the features and also costs of different items while choosing to buy from on the internet shops.