SEO – A Picture worth Thousand Words – Explained by CoolBison

When it comes to business websites, the old saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words” takes on a whole new meaning. After all, ads and articles that include high-quality images and business photos get up to 94 per cent more views than those that do not contain images. If incorporating images is not currently part of your internet marketing campaign, it is time to include it. Here are several tips that will help you determine the most effective ways to incorporate images into the design of your website.

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Source: CoolBison – SEO Bristol

Select relevant images.

While this probably goes without saying, it is important to add visual elements to your site that better explain what message a specific web page is trying to convey. Not only will your audience gain a better understanding of your brand’s message, but they will also appreciate it more. Detailed images manage to catch the attention of as much as 67 per cent of your targeted audience who is more likely to like, share, and leave comments than they do on updates that just contain words.

Make sure all photos are cropped correctly.

Cropping a photo incorrectly may result in it having no real impact on viewers. When you are cropping, don’t make the common mistake of placing a person or object in the frame’s center. Place it slightly off center, either to the right or the left. In addition, follow the “rule of thirds”. This rule states that the eyes of a person or animal should be approximately 2/3rds of the way up the picture. Finally, be sure to leave space between the photo’s edge and the person’s nose. When the viewer isn’t able to see something in the same space the subject is seeing, the photo tends to be less impressive.

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Try to stay away from stock photos.

For most viewers, it is pretty easy to see that a photo is simply a stock photo that really has nothing to do with your business. No one is impressed by this. If possible, use your own photos that are relatable to your business. If your photography skills aren’t all that spectacular, look into hiring a freelance photographer who can take (and professionally edit) a few photos for you. When your visuals are high quality and truly compelling, visitors tend to remain on your site longer. This gives them more time to take in and understand the message being delivered by your content. If you do choose to use stock photos, make certain they are legally obtained.

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Tag your photos.

Keep in mind that when your photos include relevant text descriptions and meta information, they can boost your search results rankings.

A study conducted by Stanford Web Credibility Research found that viewers determine whether or not a website is credible based on their photos and other visual elements. It’s very simple. If something looks good, we are more likely to deem it credible

There are numerous aspects involved with building and maintaining a business website that can determine how successful it will be, including photos. Remember, a site that is particularly visually pleasing appeals to and builds trust with visitors, while also crafting a relationship with your brand.