Office Design Image. None More Important.

It is impossible to deny that high quality images are crucial for any interior design or office design company’s website. While hiring an interior designer used to be reserved primarily for the affluent, more and more people throughout the UK are investing in their services, both to make their homes and offices more aesthetically pleasing. To begin their search for a local service provider, including an interior designer, approximately 80 per cent of people turn to internet search engines. While having a website is definitely important, what is featured on your website can make or break your residential or commercial interior design business.

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An Outstanding Portfolio

Displaying a portfolio of your work is not only a way to reel potential customers in, but it is frequently what makes a client choose your services over the competition. Clients want to be able to see examples of your office design work that are both versatile and beautiful. Many clients also appreciate before and after photos that allow them to completely see how your work has transformed a single room or an entire home/ office. It is a good idea to divide your portfolio into different categories to make it easier for prospects to find exactly what they are looking for. Of course, this includes residential and commercial categories, but you can also break the commercial category down even further, such as restaurants, clothing boutiques, real estate offices, and more.


Images Can Serve as Marketing Tools

Photos of your recently completed projects that show your interpretation of trending interior design ideas will speak to potential customers. In addition, photos will demonstrate the quality of your work, as we well as your design style, which will help potential customers build trust in your skills.


Capitalise on Social Media

People constantly turn to sites, including Flickr, Pinterest, and Houzz for design inspiration, decorating ideas, and even to find designers to hire to make their home or office gorgeous. Any images that you share should include a link back to your company website to make it easy for potential clients to locate you.


What Images Should You Share?

Choosing what photos to share on your interior design website can be difficult. To make it easier, follow these tips.

  • Large photos allow visitors to get the best look at your designs, but it is important to select the right format and resolution to ensure your loading time is acceptable.


  • Opt for photos that were taken in the best light. Often, soft, natural light results in the best photos, so try to use photos that were taken in the late afternoon or early morning.


  • Wide angled photos allow you to capture as much of the space as possible, which is definitely a plus when you are trying to show off an entire room in one photo.


  • Always use photos that were taken before the room becomes lived in. You want any photos you use to look as professional and polished as possible.


For interior designers, having a professional, sophisticated website that is full of stunning images is the best way to show off your design skills.

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