Some of the Best Office Rental Space Images

The days of travelling from one building to another in an effort to find the perfect studio space or desk space are long gone. Instead, most potential renters turn to the internet to start their search and significantly narrow down the number of properties they have to go see in person. This is why it is so important to make certain you use high quality images when trying to rent office or desk space to workers.

quality image of office space

When you choose not to display any images or only post poor quality photos that lack good lighting, renters are more likely to look over your listing or simply decide it is not the right space for them without taking the time to actually view it in person, leaving it un-rented for a longer period of time.It almost goes without saying that the longer the space goes un-rented, the more money you are losing out on making. One good example is this desk space Bristol company who are professionals when using images for their website and branding.

To help you get the best possible photos to showcase your office space or desk space to anyone looking to rent this type of space, here are a few tips to help you get started.

freelacing office image

•Show off the space using the best lighting available to you, whether this is natural lighting or using lighting equipment.People want office and desk space that provides ample lighting for their work. If you are using images that make the space look dingy and drab, renters are not going to have any desire to see the space in person.

•Stay away from fish eye lens and use a wide angle lens instead. This is especially important if you are photographing an area where you have too little room to back up and get the entire space in the photo. If you only photograph half of the space, it will look even smaller than it actually. Some potential renters may decide that there is not near enough room for their work.

artists studio spaces
•Focus on technology. If your renters are going to have access to the latest copy machines, fax machines, or any other office equipment, make certain to include photos of these items as well. For many prospective tenants, this may be a huge selling feature.

•Do not forget to highlight the office’s furnishings. If you are including some furniture, such as a desk, bookcase, or chair, with the space, make sure you take the opportunity to show it off, as long as they are top quality items.

•Consider using editing software, such as SLR Lounge Light room Preset System, if you are unable to get just the right lighting for the perfect shot. Most software programs come with presets that make it very easy to enhance your photo.

If your office or desk space has been sitting empty for an extended period of time, it is time to take a good look at the images you are using in your listing. They just may be the reason potential renters are avoiding your office or desk space.