87% Of your customers want to see images before they buy.

When you are a boating operator posting photos of your boats online in an effort to increase your fishing trip or marine tour bookings or you are simply trying to sell your boat, it is crucial that you only use the highest quality photos. In today’s world, your images have the potential to determine whether your business is a huge success or a failure. To help you better understand why images really are everything, take a look at the information below.


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Did you know that almost40 per cent of activity and tour bookings are made online, often before a traveller has even left on holiday? When choosing what activities and tours to take part in, potential customers do two important things. They look at photos and they read reviews. When they see photos that include vibrant colours, breathtaking sights, and well-maintained boats, it sparks their desire to book a tour. They can see themselves sitting atop a yacht watching dolphins playing in the distance. On the other hand, if they see a bland, generic photo that is lackluster in quality, they will simply move on. In many cases, they will not even bother to look at the reviews.


In addition to wanting outstanding photos that incite excitement and a strong desire to be out on boat, your target audience wants to be able to see these images sooner rather than later. In fact,39 per cent of people will stop engaging with a website if the images won’t load or simply take too long to load. Simply put, prospective customers want to see great photos that make them want to see your boat in person and they don’t want to have to wait on a photo to load.


It should come as little surprise that69 per cent of travellers start their online travel search using a mobile device. This may include looking for accommodations, choosing what attractions they absolutely must see, choosing what restaurants to eat at, and determining any special trips, such as a boat tour or fishing trip, they should be sure and go on.


For boating operators, this means that those outstanding photos that show just how great your boat is and how thrilling your tours are must look just as good on a mobile device as they do on a PC or laptop. If they do not, potential customers will, once again, move on to one of your competitors who can give them the images they are looking for.

This has never been more true in the boating industry for services that include marine surveyors, yacht management and MCA coding specialists. Quality website imagery has been proven to help these types of services to sell directly through webpages, social media and other online publications.

For today’s consumers, appearance is everything. Regardless of how many glowing reviews your company may have online, they need the photos to visualise themselves on board. It is time to take a good look at the boating photos you have featured on your website. Do they showcase your boats in the best light or do they leave something to be desired? If you do not have the best possible photos posted, it is time to take some new ones.