Picture a Garden House

Most people call them garden sheds. You know, those wooden things in our gardens full of woodlice, ants and those dreaded spiders!

But not all folks like to have a shed. Some prefer (those that can afford it) to have a sheltered garden area that becomes something of a second home. And no I am not just talking about men but women too. The modern term for a custom sheltered area that is multipurpose is now known as a garden house.

image of a tailored garden house in Essex UK

This is a growing niche in the modern day of work hard, play hard and relax. Garden houses have multiple applications from storing tools and lawnmowers to full blown summer garden houses where you can waste away your sunny afternoons.

Poultons are garden house specialists, and they build tailored garden houses for all types of use. Using locally sourced hard wood timber, Poultons can build a gardens houses that meet your specific requirements.

With branches in Surry Essex and Dorchester, Poultons are ready to build your tailor garden house and deliver it to your home, usually within six weeks. Their two branches cover the whole of southern England but they promise to deliver anywhere within the UK.

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